Would you like to learn how to cook like an Italian? Our friend Barbara will be happy to teach you!

Would you like to taste some nice Italian wines without getting out of the city and see the inside of a typical Italian home in the old part of the city of Rome at the same time? Come and see Barbara in Trastevere!

Cooking class and wine tasting in a home in the heart of the city Rome.

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Live like a native Roman for a day!


One of the questions we're most frequently asked during our tours is: "do people really live in these buildings?" Though the answer is obviously yes, yet we get some puzzled looks from our clients. They wonder what the apartments inside these old buildings look like and what it would be like to live in them and often they ask if there's any possibility they could visit one. We would love to show them our own place if we lived in the city, but we don't. Then we met Barbara, and she took us one step further, giving us the possibility not only to show our tourists where and how the locals live, but also how the Roman housewives cook for their family. Now we can make you live like a Roman for a day! Besides the best tour of Rome you could possibly get, showing you also the places a tourist normally doesn't get to see, we can also take you to Barbara's place for a cooking class, dinner or wine tasting! During our golf cart tour, we normally show the market Campo de' Fiori and, in case you decide to sign up for Barbara's cooking class, she'll meet us there and tour you around the market showing you how the locals shop for food. She will then welcome you at her place in the evening, located in one of Rome's quaintest areas, Trastevere. You'll be helping her in the kitchen and learning the secrets of the Italian Cuisine. At the end of the preparation you'll then eat the food you cooked!

There's no better way to spend a day in Rome that would make you feel like a Roman for a day.

Learn the secrets of the Italian cuisine from a Roman housewife and have fun!

Meet Barbara in the morning and walk with her around the famous market of Campo de' Fiori. She'll show you the foods, spices, fruits and other ingredients she'll use for preparing your dinner. This morning stroll will be your first introduction to the Italian cuisine. While you walk around the market for about one hour, you'll discuss your dinner's menu with Barbara and she'll make you taste fruits and other foods that will be exotic for you. During all this time she'll also be taking pictures of you while shopping around the market!

Around 6:00 pm she'll welcome you at her place in Trastevere and your cooking class will start.  During the preparation of the dinner, Barbara will also introduce you to some good Italian wines. Dinner will start around 8:30 pm.
Your dinner will end with some nice dessert prepared by Barbara but, hoping you'll still have enough space left for it, Barbara will walk you to a nearby authentic place for some really good, traditionally home made, "gelato"!
All of this works well in combination with our golf cart tours. In fact, we normally include a stop in Campo de' Fiori so, if you decide to join Barbara for her cooking class, we can meet with her during the tour around the market and, finally, drop you off at her place at the end of the tour. At the end of a day like this, you can say you know Rome inside out!


Dinner at home... away from home!

It happens all the time. Our clients always ask for restaurant suggestions for dinner and we're always glad to suggest a good place where they can have the experience of a good, authentic Italian dinner without getting ripped off. Obviously we're always happy to help in that matter, but now we can also let them have the experience of having a "dinner at home" we can send them to Barbara's for dinner! So, if you don't care for walking around the market or preparing the food, but still you're curious about the kind of houses Romans live in and what it's like to have dinner with an Italian family, Barbara will still be glad to have you for dinner at her place. Wouldn't that be something? Instead of going to a restaurant like all the other tourists do, you'll be warmly welcomed as friends in a typical home in Trastevere, where a very nice Roman housewife will have cooked dinner for you. Barbara is a good cook, a charming and  attractive lady and you'll be having dinner with her and her family. Everyone in the family speaks good English and travelled around the world, so you'll be able to engage an interesting conversation with everyone there.

The earliest she can be ready to welcome you for dinner is 7:30 pm.

Barbara will have no problem cooking a special dinner for you that will accommodate your special needs so, please let us know if there are some foods you don't like to eat, if you are a vegan, vegetarian, celiac etcetera.


A different wine tasting experience...

If you don't want to learn to cook like an Italian and prefer to have your dinner at a restaurant, but you're still curious to see what the inside of an apartment in the old part of Rome and you appreciate good wine, Barbara and her sommelier friends will be happy to present to you some of the local wines at her place in Trastevere! You’ll spend a couple of hours in their company, during which you will taste some great local wines. Wine will not be the only subject of the evening’s conversation though, you can chat about anything and satisfy your curiosities about what it’s like to live in Rome. You can show up at Barbara's place around 6:00 pm and the time will pleasantly go by while sipping different kinds of wines until about 7:30/8:00 pm. Barbara can host up to 15 people for wine tasting in her place, so you may not be the only ones there, but having company will add to the fun! You may end up sharing your wine experience with people from other countries, which will add to the conversation and eventually enrich your culture. After your wine tasting experience with Barbara, you'll probably want to go somewhere near for dinner and she'll be glad to suggest a nice authentic place where you can enjoy some good Roman cuisine. A great way to do some wine tasting without going out of Rome to a winery, yet we'll be pleased to take you to a winery in the countryside if you like. Please visit our countryside tours page.


Shop around the market and pick your food !

The market in the picture on the right is Campo de' Fiori. It's right in the heart of the city and therefore easily accessible and we normally stop there during our tours. Barbara will meet you there in the morning and walk around it with you presenting the foods. If you tour with us in the golf cart the day of your cooking class, we'll stop there during the tour and leave you in the capable hands of Barbara for a while, then we'll continue the tour and you'll meet Barbara again at her place in the evening.
If you'll not be touring with us, we'll arrange time and place for you to meet with Barbara.
Campo de' Fiori has become one of the tourist attractions of Rome, the square where the market is held used to be the location for Rome's wholesale flower market, hence the name Campo de' Fiori, which in Roman dialect means field of flowers.
In the mid 70's they moved the flower market elsewhere and the fruit and vegetable market for the neighborhood moved in. Because of its location, close to Piazza Navona and the Pantheon, it started to be frequented by the tourists and it has now become one of Rome's attractions, not the best place for a housewife to shop therefore, but a great place for Barbara to show you around, present the food and discuss your dinner's menu with you. We're sure that you, and especially the ladies in your group, will thoroughly enjoy walking around the very folkloristic market of Campo de' Fiori!

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