The best private car tour of Rome for the disabled. Effortless and fun tour of Rome for anyone with mobility problems or disabilities! Best tour of Rome for seniors, disabled and anyone who wants to enjoy Rome without having to walk and really get to know Rome! Tour Rome the most comfortable way possible! We drive you right up to the sites and limit the walking to the minimum.

We can also get you a wheel chair or a scooter if you have such a need.

Best tour of Rome. Tour of Rome by golf cart

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Disabled and senior accessible sightseeing tours of Rome

The "deluxe" cart and the standard cart at the Trevi fountain.

The best tour of Rome for those with mobility problems.

Special golf cart with all the seats facing forward and cargo box for a wheel chair.

The golf cart tour finally makes Rome accessible to disabled persons. Even those who cannot walk at all, or only can walk short distances, will enjoy touring Rome effortlessly and thoroughly.
We cannot take you inside buildings, but we'll take you right to the doorstep of the site you want to visit. In any case will take you much closer to the sites than any other kind of transportation you may use could!
The most ecological, comfortable, instructive, disabled friendly tour of Rome you can possibly get!


The disabled and the tour of the Vatican.

Absolutely the best way for seniors, disabled and anyone with walking problems to tour Rome ...

... but your grandkids will love it too!

We don't just drive you around in a golf cart! We stop at the sites and give you the commentary. We stop for you to get out, take your pictures, walk around the squares and tour the sites inside. Do you want to stop for "gelato" or some lunch? We know the best places!

If walking is a problem for you but you want to see Rome, this is the tour for you!


Touring by golf cart is the very best way to tour Rome for a disabled person, better than touring by car or trying to walk around! We have special carts that accommodate three people and store a wheelchair! Everyone sits facing forward and if you don't need to carry a wheelchair with you, we can put a lid on the the cart's cargo box and you can use it for storing your gear.

For decades we've been showing tourists Rome, driving them around in a car or or minivan and countless times we were hired by clients who used a wheel chair or a stroller to get around or could walk but not far anyway. Yet the car or minivan we used, wasn't easy for them to get in and out of, plus, with Rome's traffic, we always had problems pulling up close enough to the sites to minimize their effort visiting them.

Many of them chose the private car tour just because of their mobility problems however it didn't help as much as they thought it would.

Things changed when we started to take then around Rome in golf carts!

We did the very first tour by golf cart with a lady who had a temporary walking problems, we stopped at Villa Borghese where someone was there renting out golf carts and we got the idea, we proposed it to the lady and she said that maybe she would try it for a couple of hours. She enjoyed it so much that those "couple of hours" turned out being three consecutive days !!!
The golf cart makes the tour of Rome very special and easy for people with walking problems. These little electric cars are allowed to drive practically anywhere, especially if a disabled persons is aboard. We can drive our clients right to the door of the sites to visit. There might be some steps to climb and it'll depend on the specific case what we'll be able to do to solve this problem but anyway, it'll always be easier and more satisfactory than having to see things from a car's window!
We can take two people and a wheel chair in the standard golf cart or three people in the "deluxe" and, if you have serious mobility problems, we'll help you get in and out of the cart. If necessary, we'll even push you around in your wheel chair to help you visit the sites.
The golf carts are very easy to get in and out of even for people with limited mobility, they have no doors!!!
You sit down in them like you would sit in a comfortable armchair and get to know the city of Rome better than most tourists!

tour of the Vatican price for the tour of the Vatican

The tour of the Vatican for the elderly and the disabled

Entrance fees

Free admission at the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel.

People with permanent disabilities and one person who accompanies them, do not have to pay the admission fee to enter the Vatican Museums.

However, it's always better to carry a statement from a doctor or hospital certifying the disability.

Vatican free wheelchair

Wheelchairs are available free of any charge at the entrance to the Vatican Museums so, If walking and/or standing for a long time is a problem for you, you can use a wheel chair for free.

Wheelchairs can be reserved.

These free wheelchairs the Vatican provides though, can only be used in the Museums and the Sistine Chapel, you cannot take the wheelchair with you to St. Peter's Basilica, they must be returned to the entrance to the Vatican Museums. This means you'll have to all the way back to the entrance to return the wheelchair and you'll not be able to go directly from the Sistine Chapel to St. Peter's Basilica like most people do and save a lot of walking and time.

Otherwise rent your wheel chair elsewhere and take to the Vatican with you.

Rental of a wheel chair

If you need to use a wheelchair for the whole Vatican tour, which includes the Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel and St. Peter's, the best thing to do is to rent a wheelchair. We have wheelchair that we rent to our customers for the price of 30 Euros per day, but it must be delivered to you and then recollected.
Of course we should charge for delivery and collection, but we have a better solution, for those who rent our wheelchair we include round trip transportation from their hotel to the Vatican and back so the driver of the minivan or car delivers the wheelchair to the clients when he picks them up at their hotel and recollects it at the end of the tour. This means that instead of paying for delivery and collection of the wheelchair, for a little more money, you get the full transfer service.
If you need a wheelchair to use the whole time you'll be in Rome, the price is 30 Euros per day plus 60 Euros for delivery and collection.

Mobility scooters

If you use a mobility scooter, or even a wheelchair, and you cannot walk down the steps which from the Sistine Chapel take you to St. Peter's, you'll have go go all they way back to the entrance, circle around the outside of the Vatican city walls and enter St. Peter's from the square. If you can walk down these 5 flights of stairs, and you use a wheelchair, this can be folded and carried down the steps. Differently, if you use an electrical mobility scooter which would be too heavy to carry down the steps, this might not be possible.

wheel chair lift at the Vatican
The first and the longest of the 5 flights of stairs you walk down from the Sistine to St. Peter's

The first and the longest of the 5 flights of stairs you walk down from the Sistine to St. Peter's Č

Melex 963 - 3 + driver - all seats facing forward Melex 966 - 4 + driver - 1 seat facing backwards Melex 988 - 7 + driver - 2 seats facing backwards


tour of the Vatican

price for the tour of the Vatican

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