The "Super Buggy" page. The "Super Buggy" is our great fun alternative to the golf cart. It's operated by a small diesel engine, and therefore it's range is practically limitless.  We use it to transfer people from hotels that are too far for the electric golf carts, for tours in the city and especially for fantastic tours outside of the city! E-mail us and get your best "car and driver" tour of Rome!

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We reply to our e-mails almost instantly so, if you don’t get our reply to your e-mail within 48 hours, please check your “spam” folder and/or resend your e-mail to another one of our e-mail addresses and/or call us.
For short notice/last minute reservations, please do not just send an e-mail, call our emergency number: +39 337 783 255.


We call it the "super" buggy because, unlike the electric golf carts, its driving range is not limited by the duration of the batteries. Being operated by a small single cylinder diesel engine, when it runs out of juice, we can just re-fuel at the nearest gas station. Unfortunately it isn't as easy to get in and out of as the golf carts, but it's still easier than getting in and out of a car and it's a lot of fun!

We use it for city tours, just like we use the golf carts, but we also use it to transfer people to the city if they are staying in hotels that are out of the golf carts' range and for wider range tours.

This vehicle is a three-wheeler made by Piaggio, the same company that makes the "Vespa", the world's most famous scooter. The Vespa owes its name to the wasp, and our buggy is called "Ape" which means bee in Italian.  They called the working version of the Vespa "Ape" (bee),  inspired by the industrious insect. In fact it originally came out as a small pick-up truck, but then they came out with a passenger version called "calessino" which means buggy. So, if you decide to tour with us, besides the golf carts you can also choose to tour by "Ape". It's more noisy and smoky than the golf carts, but it's still a lot of fun and it can take you further than the golf carts can!

Please click on the buttons hereunder to see what you can use this fun vehicle for.

You'll find no booking link on our website and we don't think there will ever be one, we would like to keep the "human touch". We do personalized tours and we like to treat our clients as friends, we'll leave the automatic booking system to the bus tour companies and airlines for now.

We can use the "super-buggy" to transfer you to the city and join us for your golf cart tour if you're staying at a hotel that's too far away for the golf carts to reach and it doesn't provide a shuttle service. Naturally, you may choose to do your tour in the "super-buggy" instead of the golf cart, but it has happened that we had large groups that signed up for the golf cart tour and the participants where staying in different hotels, so we used the buggy to transfers those that were staying too far.

The "super-buggy" has room for luggage so, if you're coming to Rome by train, we can meet you at the train station and transfer you to your hotel.

Also, if you decide to book your tour of the Vatican or the Colosseum and its excavations compound with us, we can transfer you from your hotel to the site and back in the "super-buggy".

Otherwise, if you tour with us in the golf cart in the golf carts and we drop you off at the either one of the above mentioned sites, than we can transfer you back to your hotel and the end of your tour. Obviously the program can be reversed, we can transfer you to the sites from your hotel in the "super-buggy" in the morning and pick you up in the golf carts for your tour in the afternoon.


It goes without saying that the "super-buggy" is great to tour around Rome in as well. It's similar than touring in the golf carts. The big difference is that, while the golf carts are electric and therefore absolutely silent, the "super-buggy" operates on a single cylinder diesel engine and sounds like a motorcycle when it runs. Because of all this, it's subject to some traffic limitations. It's also higher than the golf carts, which means that it's not as easy to get in and out of for the elderly and the handicapped as the golf carts are. Well, now that we listed the disadvantages, lets talk about the advantages: you sit up higher and therefore you can see better and your more protected if it rains. You can drive further than the electric golf buggies can because you don't have to worry about running out of juice, you can just re-fuel at the nearest gas station and, last but not least, kids love that "broom broom" sound!

So basically, you can do the same tours in the "super-buggy" that you can do in the golf carts, the prices are the same and we just leave the choice up to you!

To get an idea of the tours you can do, please visit our "tours" page.



Since the "super-buggy" has practically unlimited range, we can even take you out to the countryside in it! However we would not drive too far from the city on motorways, forget about driving to Tuscany in the "super-buggy"! But there are really nice places just outside of Rome we can take you to, for example: Castelgandolfo, the lovely little town overlooking a lake where the Pope has his summer residence. Only 25 kilometers (15 miles) away from Rome, but we will not cover the distance all in one drag, we'll be making frequent stops. After picking you up at your hotel, we'll drive past the Circus Maximus and the Baths of Caracalla and finally get on Rome's oldest road: the Old Appian Way. We'll make a stop along the Appian Way to let you tour the Catacombs and the continue Castelgandolfo. Here you'll have the time to explore the lovely town and the panorama. On the way back to the city we'll stop at the "Park of the Aqueducts". This is a beautiful park just in the outskirts of Rome where you can stroll around the ruins of the famous Roman Aqueducts. Along the way we can stop for a quick, but authentic, lunch. This can happen either in a little place on the Old Appian Way or by the lake in Castelgandolfo. Ultimately, if you like, we can arrange for a picnic lunch! The whole tour takes 6 hours.


More and more people these days decide they want to get married in Rome, the most romantic city in the world! Everyone want the vehicle they use to go to their wedding to be very special. Well, we are convinced that our "super-buggy" is special! Not only because it looks charming and romantic, but it also has a lot of space for the bride and her complicated dress!

We can decorate it whichever way you like for your wedding: flowers, ribbons, your choice.

Not only, besides the fact that the "super-buggy" is really, romantic, photogenic, eye catching and everything else you may think, you also have another advantage: we know our city so well that we can suggest the most evocative sites where you can take some memorable pictures.

Some of the cutest out of the way sites that others do not know!

So, do not hesitate, book our "super-buggy" for your wedding!


Finally, we would like to propose our "super-buggy" as an instrument to advertise for your business. Such vehicle surely doesn't go unnoticed. Everyone turns around to take a better look when we drive by and isn't that what you want to happen when you're trying to give visibility to your business?

 We can drive you around and help you hand out your flyers and gadgets or we can park it where you want us to, with your advertisement on it.

These are some of the possibilities, we think you can think of more yourselves, for the vehicle is really inspiring! We've done it before, we drove around with beautiful models who where handing out famous canned drinks, clowns who entertained kids at a birthday party and more. We'll be waiting for you to contact us for this kind of service and any of the others we list in this website. See you soon!



The "super-buggy" accommodates 3 people plus driver.

Larger groups will need to use more than one "super-buggy".

Transfers first buggy additional buggy  
hotel - city center or Vatican 40 € 40 €
City tours    
half day (4 hours) 270 € 140 €
additional hours, each 60 € 35 €
Country tours    
half day (4 hours) 300 € 150 €
additional hours, each 60 € 35 €
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