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"Vespa" is the most famous scooter in the world and it's an Italian icon just like pizza and spaghetti! You've see it in many movies and now you have the chance to ride it around the streets of Rome. Best tour of Rome. Tour of Rome by golf cart
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You've seen Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck and a lot of other celebtities ride the Vespa around Rome having fun, the locals use it to commute, would you like to experience riding it yourself?

With us you can! We'll take you around in our vintage Vespas showing you the city's highlights and more, but we'd also like to take you out of the city to see charming places like Castelgandolfo and Nemi and their beautiful lakes or other fantastic places out of the city.

For your own safety, we prefer not to let you drive the Vespa yourself, you'll be riding as a passenger in the back of our expert riders carelessly, just enjoying your ride.
However, if you consider yourself an expert motorcyclist and you want to ride your own Vespa instead of just being a passenger, we can arrange it that way, but you'll be riding a modern Vespa, not one of the vintage ones!

The rides outside the city can be combined with gastronomic and wine tasting experiences too, if you like!


You'll find no booking link on our website and we don't think there will ever be one, we would like to keep the "human touch". We do personalized tours and we like to treat our clients as friends, we'll leave the automatic booking system to the bus tour companies and airlines for now.


One passenger for each Vespa, minimum 2 passengers.

Tour with driver/guide first 2 people each additional person  
3-hour city tour 290 € 120 €
7-hour countryside tour 450 € 180 €
Each self driven Vespa joining the tour one person two persons
3-hour city tour 100 € 150 €
7-hour countryside tour 150 € 200 €
Please note that the self driven Vespa will be a modern one, not a vintage Vespa.

We call it the "super buggy" but its official name factory name is "Ape Calessino".

It's practically a 3-wheeler Vespa and therefore it's a god match for the Vespa and, because of this, we're presenting it also here in the Vespa page. The "super buggy" can be used together with the Vespas for people who have problems riding the Vespa itself but still want to join the Vespa tour.

For example, the whole family wants to go on the Vespa tour but Granma and Grandpa don't think it's a good idea for them to ride the Vespa? No problem, they can follow the rest of the family riding the "super buggy"!
It accommodates 3 people on the back seat and the driver sits by himself in the front seat.

Total price per group (from 1 to 3 people the price is the same) for each super buggy.

Tour with driver/guide per group, from 1 to 3 people  
3-hour city tour 270 €
7-hour countryside tour 450 €
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