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Though the Colosseum doesn’t really need any presentation, we’d like to provide the visitors of our website with some information they might miss, please read further.
Opposite to what happened in the other cities in the Roman World, where circuses and stadiums where built in the outskirts of the city, the Colosseum was built in Rome’s center. Why? Because the emperors didn’t want to go far to watch the shows! So the Colosseum was built near the Forum, the center for all the political, religious, and commercial activities, and the Palatine Hill which was where the emperors lived.
The diggings started the 1930s and they still continue nowadays.
As a result, the Colosseum is now part of a vast Archaeological Park which includes, besides the Colosseum itself, the Roman Forum, and the Palatine Hill.
Our 3-hour tour of this Archaeological Park, besides the Colosseum, includes the Roman Forum, where you see the ruins of the Roman Senate, the temples, the Arch of Titus and the Arch of Constantine, the House of the Vestal Virgins and more.
Then you can climb the Palatine Hill and see the ruins of the magnificent palaces where the emperors lived with the private thermal baths stadium and so on.
So you have three options:

  1. Tour the Colosseum and its Archaeological Park separately from any other tour in three hours.
  2. Tour the Colosseum Archaeological Park after your 3 or 4-hour golf cart tour.
  3. During a golf cart tour, enter the Colosseum with your guide.
Rome Time:

The Guided Walking Tour of the Colosseum, Roman Forum & Palatine Hill

Private 3-hour walking tour of the Colosseum Archaeological Park with “skip the line” tickets for all 3 sites provided by us.

During the summer, taking this tour in the morning would be preferable due to the heat, while an afternoon tour makes you avoid some of the crowds.
Follow your private English-speaking guide inside the Colosseum, where gladiators fought as crowds cheered, and then walk through the Roman Forum, the ancient city center.
After visiting these two places, if you still have enough energy, you can climb the Palatine Hill and see the ruins of the sumptuous palaces the emperors lived in surrounded by beautiful frescoes and mosaics.

The alternative to the climb, is an effortless overview of the Imperial Fora a from a nearby terrace.
This tour is available in several languages.
You will meet your guide at the most convenient place near the Colosseum.
We’ll provide you with your guide’s name and phone number, and he will have yours.
Round trip, or one-way, transfer from your hotel, or place of your choice, is available for the additional cost of 60 Euros each way.

Pricing Chart

• The meeting place is OUTSIDE the Hotel Forum (near the Colosseum) where our guide will be waiting for you.
• If you prefer you can book a private transfer to pick you up from your hotel and take you to your guide.
• Private transfer round trip is also available, in this case the guide will phone your driver and arrange your pick up at the end of the tour to take you to to your desired destination.

3 Hours
Colosseum, Forum & Palatine Hill Tour
Private guide and skip-the-line tickets included
From 6 people onward
€ 145.00
5 persons, per person
€ 155.00
4 persons, per person
€ 165.00
3 persons, per person
€ 175.00
2 persons, per person
€ 235.00
1 person
€ 375.00
Wheelchair rental, each
€ 30.00
Assistant for wheelchair pushing
€ 60.00
Children 0/5 yers, no charge
Youngsters, 6/17 years, 20.00 € off the price
Certified disabled, 40.00 € off the price
Transfers within the city of Rome
(e.g. Hotel/Train station)
8 persons, per person
€ 11.00
7 persons, per person
€ 13.00
6 persons, per person
€ 15.00
5 persons, per person
€ 17.00
4 persons, per person
€ 20.00
3 persons, per person
€ 26.00
2 persons, per person
€ 35.00
1 person
€ 70.00

Please note:

Due to limited availability of skip-the-line tickets for the Vatican and the Colosseum, in order to satisfy your requests, we often have to purchase them from resellers at a price that can be even double the official price. For this reason, your Vatican and/or Colosseum tour could end up costing you around 10/20 Euros per person more than the price listed on our website. 

Difficulty levels

Generally easy, with occasional free time for rest. Walk and/or climb up and down some stairs only if you want to.

Moderately paced, minimal walking required, with occasional free time for rest. May include climbing up and down some stairs and walking, over primarily level ground, for up to half an hour at a time. Moderate car/minivan travel.

Moderately paced with occasional free time for rest. Guests should be able to walk one to three miles, which may include climbing up or down from one to four flights of stairs and walking over primarily level ground. Standing up to one hour or more may be required. Moderate car/minivan travel.

Moderately paced with occasional free time for rest. Requires walking longer distances, climbing up and down stairs and hills, possibly on uneven terrain. Guests should be able to walk two to three miles over uneven terrain and/or cobblestones. Moderate car/minivan travel. Ride an electric bicycle or a Vespa scooter making frequent stops. Standing up to one hour or more may be required. 

Moderately paced with occasional free time for rest. Extended car/minivan travel, from two to four hours. Guests should be able to walk two to three miles over uneven terrain and/or cobblestones, climbing up and down stairs and hills. Guests should be able to 
walk two to three miles over uneven terrain and/or cobblestones.
Wheelchair/walker usable. 

Golf Cart's pick-up range

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Contact Us

NOTE: We reply to your e-mails almost instantly so, if you don’t get our reply to your e-mail within 48 hours, please check your “spam” folder and/or resend your e-mail to another one of our e-mail addresses and/or call us. For short notice/last minute reservations, please do not just send an e-mail, call our emergency number: +39 337 783 255.

"We had a day tour -golf cart in the morning with Colosseum/Forum tour in the afternoon-and it was an amazing experience. Our afternoon guide Fabio was also great, with decades of experience and really gave us an in-depth explanation of what's what, a truly unforgettable walk through Rome's ancient ruins. Overall I would highly recommend My Best Tour's services, a seamless process perfect for anyone looking to explore Rome with fun."
Hong Kong, China
"I cannot recommend MBT enough! They were so fun & informative, and incredibly easy to work with! The next day we did a 3-hour private tour of the Colosseum, Palatine Hill & Roman Forum. Again, absolutely worth every single Euro! Laura was so much fun to be with. She really made our tour personal to what we were interested in. I cannot wait to use MBT again! Next time we will definitely be doing a golf car tour of Roma!"
New York, United States

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