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Colosseum Tour, Roman Forum & Palatine Hill

The Colosseum and the Golf Carts

When we tour Rome in our golf carts, often our clients ask to tour the inside of the Colosseum. Well, it sounds easy, but it isn’t. There’s always a long line to get in there, so we should, first of all, get you the tickets before going to the Colosseum. But the line isn’t the only thing about it. The Colosseum is one of the most famous buildings in the world and surely one wants to enter it, but we don’t think it’s a good idea to tour the inside of the Colosseum during the golf cart tour, and this is why: even if you have the tickets and you avoid the line, we’re still pretty sure you’d want to spend about one hour in the place, right? Climb to the upper levels or even visit he underground. This would end up subtracting a lot of time from the golf cart tour, time which we would rather use to show around Rome. We like to take people to see sites in Rome which, supposing they would know about them, they would hardly find themselves, while instead the Colosseum is not hard to find at all! Also, the Colosseum is part of a large compound which includes the Roman Forum and the Palatine Hill and, with one ticket, you are admitted in all three places. The Roman Forum was the ancient center of the city of Rome which, in the days of the Empire, was the center of the world. The Palatine Hill was the place where the Emperors had their residence. We think that, once you purchase the ticket and get to the

Colosseum,  it would be worthwhile visiting the rest of the compound also, don’t you agree? After all, this is what you come to Rome for! Naturally you can walk around the area on your own, but the assistance of a guide would surely add value to your visit. So, if you decide to tour Rome in a golf cart with us and you want to explore the Colosseum, with can get you the tickets and make you skip the line, then drop you off at the place at the end of the driving tour, so you can visit the place at your own pace. Of course, it goes without saying, if you prefer to reverse the program, tour the Colosseum and the rest of the compound in the morning and meet us there for your golf cart tour after you’re done touring the excavations.

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The guided tour of the compound

As well as we warmly recommend to have a guide for touring the Vatican, we also recommend to have a guide for the tour of the Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill. Especially after someone asked us: “will you take us to see that place that look like a pile of rubble?” The “pile of rubble”? What the lady meant was obviously the Roman Forum but, to the eye of the unprepared tourist that’s what it looks like, I guess! Being told about what you’re seeing surely makes you appreciate more the place visited and that’s certainly the case of the Roman Ruins. It’s really hard to tell, from what there’s left, what the place looked like at the time of the Romans. You may have seen reconstructions of Roman Forum in movies like “The Gladiator” or, if you’re a little older “Cleopatra”, but which are the ruins of the Senate, where was Caesar stabbed, where were the Vestal Virgins? The guide will answer all these questions and more.

Having someone who can explain all the details of the area as you walk around it, will make Imperial Rome come alive and you’ll know what the Romans lived their lives, what they went to the Forum for, what sort shows entertained them had at the Colosseum, and how they enviously looked up towards the Palatine Hill where the Emperors lived in fantastic palaces with their own private stadiums and thermal baths. Not many people know that the whole area was dug out at the time of Mussolini, less than 100 years ago and that those who visited Rome before than could only see some chunks of columns half buried in the ground with cows and sheep grazing all over the place. The guide tour of the compound may be less expensive than you may think and would surely make sense. If you want to know what it costs, please check out our prices hereunder:

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Pricing Chart

Prices, total per group, for the 4-hour golf cart tour of Rome combined with the walking tour of the Colosseum and Forum.
Prices are per group, not per person, and do not include entrance fees.

4-hour golf cart tour + Colosseum and Forum tour with a private guide.

 1 to 3 people4 people5 to 7 peopleFrom 8
Golf Cart tour +
Private guide
450€520€590€90€ p.p.
• You may want to choose to reach the place by your own means and meet your guide at the site. In this case the guide will be waiting for your by the entrance to the Roman Forum posting your name, but if you had a mobile phone with you, it would surely make things easier.
• If you should think you’d have problems reaching the place by your own means or meeting the guide in a crowded place and prefer to be driven to the site, we can arrange a one-way transfer for you, so after the tour with the guide you can continue to explore on your own or meet us for a nice golf cart tour!
• If you just want to be really comfortable and get driven to the site and back from there to your hotel, we’ll do that. a driver will meet you at your place, drive you to the Forum gate and then, at the end of the tour, the guide will call him on his mobile and let them know where to come to pick you up for your drive back.
From 1 to 7200€
From 8 to 15250€
Wheelchair* rental, each30€

NOTE: Assistant for wheelchair pushing not included.

Skip the line admission p.p. 25€
Reduced admission, under 18 y. o.5€
Children under 6 y.o.Free
Larger Bus
from 9 seats onwards
Minivan at your disposal for 4hours* € 200 (+ €50 Each additional hour)€ 200 (+ €50 Each additional hour)€ 260 (+ €60 Each additional hour)Please ask quotation

NOTE: *Tour of the Colosseum inclusive of a minivan at your disposal for 4hours picking you up at your Hotel and driving you back at the end of the tour .

NOTE: We reply to our e-mails almost instantly so, if you don’t get our reply to your e-mail within 48 hours, please check your “spam” folder and/or resend your e-mail to another one of our e-mail addresses and/or call us. For short notice/last minute reservations, please do not just send an e-mail, call our emergency number: +39 337 783 255.

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"We had a day tour -golf cart in the morning with Colosseum/Forum tour in the afternoon-and it was an amazing experience. Our afternoon guide Fabio was also great, with decades of experience and really gave us an in-depth explanation of what's what, a truly unforgettable walk through Rome's ancient ruins. Overall I would highly recommend My Best Tour's services, a seamless process perfect for anyone looking to explore Rome with fun."
Hong Kong, China
"I cannot recommend MBT enough! They were so fun & informative, and incredibly easy to work with! The next day we did a 3-hour private tour of the Colosseum, Palatine Hill & Roman Forum. Again, absolutely worth every single Euro! Laura was so much fun to be with. She really made our tour personal to what we were interested in. I cannot wait to use MBT again! Next time we will definitely be doing a golf car tour of Roma!"
New York, United States

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