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Golf Cart Tour

Our golf carts are electric, quiet, environment friendly, comfortable and small. They're easy to get in and out of and fully open, which allows you to take pictures without getting out of the cart if you don't want to. They slip silently through the narrow streets where regular cars do not fit and allow you to see places that otherwise would not be accessible. They combine the features of a walking tour to the comfort of a driving tour, adding lots of fun to your sightseeing! A walking tour would wear you out, take a long time and not cover much ground, touring by car you cover more ground but forcibly miss the most representative areas of Rome because cars can't drive the narrow streets or easily find a space where to park. When you tour in a golf cart, you sit comfortably in a fully open electric car and let us guide you silently through the wonders of Rome. We'll show you the main attractions as well as the out of the way sites, the ones normally tourists miss. As we drive you through the evocative, narrow streets of old Rome, avoiding most of the main streets, crowded by all kinds of noisy and smelly vehicles, you'll enjoy and feel the real Rome around you. Handicapped persons will be driven right to the doorstep of the buildings and through areas where cars aren't allowed to drive. They'll get to see all the places that otherwise would not be accessible just as if they could walk all over Rome. Kids have a lot of fun and we never hear the fatidic "are we there yet?". The golf cart is ideal for shopping also. We'll drive you slowly through the streets and let you look at the windows, wait for you while you shop and hold your bags for you. People who have toured by golf cart with us rave about it

Our Tour by Golf Cart

4 hours

Half Day Tour

The fundamental highlights of the city.

6 hours

Day Tour

All of Rome’s major highlights and more.

7 hours

Full Day Tour

A lot of Rome and beyond.

2 hours

Rome by Night

Rome’s enchanting atmosphere by night.

Check out our combined tours

You can combine your half-day golf cart tour with a walking tour of the Vatican or the Colosseum and the Forum.

Half day golf cart tour combined
with Colosseum & Forum

Half day golf cart tour combined 
with Vatican

Half day Tour

4 hours

Rome’s the most beautiful theatre in the world, relax and enjoy the show!

Culture and fun go together when you tour with us! This is the tour first timers shouldn’t miss. You see Rome’s major attractions, plus some of the tucked away sites. In four hours we’ll take you to the Colosseum (outside), Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, Piazza Navona and the Spanish Steps. We don’t think it makes sense to visit the inside of the Colosseum, during the golf cart tour. Its visit requires a long time and, while you’re with us in the golf cart, we’d rather show you around places you’d never find otherwise. Those who want to visit the inside of the Colosseum or the Vatican, can be dropped off there at the end of the tour. Most of the golf cart’s tour fun is driving through the streets of the old city instead of driving the main streets with all the traffic, you’ll see you some interesting out-of-the-way curiosities that the other tourists miss! We want our tours to be exclusive and that’s why we are not listing all the out-of-the-way places we’ll show you, so please excuse us, but they’ll have to be pleasant surprises! St. Peter’s Basilica, the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel are not part of this tour, but we can drop you of there at the end of our tour and, if you like, we will get you a guide to show through the place.

“Ancient Rome” is pretty generic, the whole city is ancient, but normally what people refer to as “Ancient Rome” is the area of the Roman Forum, Palatine Hill and Colosseum and, sure enough they’re not going to let drive our cute little golf cart around the excavations! The area can only be toured on foot, better with a guide, so what’s this tour? Well, we take you all around the area that used to be the center of Rome at the time of the Empire and show such places from outside and plus we take you to see the other ruins in the area and we’ll drive also on the Old Appian Way. We drive to the geographical center of Rome, Piazza Venezia, with the Monument to Victor Emmanuel II (better known as the “Wedding Cake”), then continue driving towards the Colosseum and the arch of Constantine and stop for a look around before we proceed to the Aventine Hill from there we’ll be able to see the view of the Circus Maximus and the ruins of the Imperial Palaces on top of the Palatine Hill. The tour will also include the Theatre of Marcellus, the temples of Hercules and Portumnus, the “Mouth of Truth”, the Arch of Janus, the Tiber Island and the ruins of Largo Argentina, the Portico of Octavia… and whatever else we can fit in depending on how quickly we can move around or how much time you want to spend at each place. For those who would be interested in seeing a great Panorama of Rome, we would like to present the possibility to ride an elevator to the top of the Monument to Victor Emmanuel II and get the most spectacular 360° view of the Eternal City.

We get to the Jewish Ghetto driving the quaint streets of old Rome.

The Jewish Ghetto is a really pleasant area to walk around, also for those who are not Jewish. Though the real Ghetto was demolished 1888 because considered insalubrious , the old streets by which we reach the Ghetto still give you a pretty good idea of what the Ghetto of Rome used to be like. We’ll drive the streets the Jews walked on their way home tired after a day’s work, the days when were confined in the Ghetto.

Rome, but not really Rome. The Jews have been a constant presence in Rome since the 2nd century B.C. and carried on their traditions. Not many Jews live in the Ghetto today, but they still go there for the Temple, to shop for Kosher food, to meet with their friends and the kids go there everyday to school! The Ghetto is a lively, pleasant place where to spend sometime and maybe enjoy the food. The Roman cuisine is world famous and the Jews have their own version of it. Here is where you can taste the famous “Carciofi alla Giudia” artichokes fried “the Jewish way”. We’ll cross the millenary bridge to the Tiber Island and drive through Trastevere, where the Jews lived at the time of the Roman Empire, climb the Aventine Hill where the Jewish Cemetery used to be and Rome’s Rose Garden is now. From the Aventine Hill you also get a beautiful view of the Palatine Hill and the Circus Maximus and, once there, why not take a look at the famous key hole? The Synagogue cannot be visited independently from the guided tours scheduled by the institution itself.

The Jewish Ghetto of Rome.

If you want to tour the inside of the Synagogue and the Jewish Museum, we can drop you off there ant the end of our tour, or meet you there after you’ll have toured the place.

Even if you choose the “basic” half-day golf cart tour of Rome you’ll see some of the sites off the beaten track that normally tourists don’t see but, if you’re already familiar with Rome’s major highlights, this is the tour you want! There are more things to see in Rome than one could see in a lifetime, but we all spent our lives here and we can sure show ou some interesting sites! Most tourists focus on the Vatican and the Colosseum, but there’s a lot more than that in Rome, and we want show it to you!  We’ll walk around the market in Campo de’ Fiori, slip silently through the back streets where you see the artisans at work in their shops. You’ll see that Rome is not just a place for tourists, but it’s a real city where people live their lives like in any other city. You’ll get see Italians living their lives and not just your hotel concierge, your guide and the teller at the Colosseum. You’ll really get to know Rome! Obviously this is not all you’ll see, we’ll take you to see some really impressive sites that other tourists don’t even know exist! For example, a lot of people walk right by the church of Santa Maria Sopra Minerva and don’t even think of taking a look inside ignoring that it’s one of the richest churches in Rome and that they can freely walk in and see works of Michelangelo, Bernini etc.. We’ll show you a bell tower that swings when the bells toll, a street that’s always windy because the wind is waiting for the Devil to come out of the church, a church that was built from the ruins of the Roman Baths, naked women painted on the walls of a church, the narrowest street in Rome, statues that can speak and more!

At the end of the tour, we can drop you off anywhere in the city you like. At the Vatican, at the Colosseum, or at the shopping district.

Rome is undoubtedly a Baroque city. The Baroque style rules in Rome like the Renaissance style rules in Florence. The competition between Bernini and Borromini brought them to create incredible masterpieces in the architecture as well as in the sculpture fields and all the other artists who operated in Rome in 17th and 18th centuries did their best to prove that they were not of any less. Consequently Rome is full of incredible masterpieces and, while the least important of them could be the main attraction of any small town, many of them go unnoticed in Rome! You feel a great emotion when you walk into the old university of Rome and discover the students’ chapel, St. Yves’, dominating the renaissance styled courtyard with its baroque ellipses and spirals that hypnotize the visitor. What to say then about the ceiling of the church frescoed by Andrea Pozzo? Some incredible masterpieces are like hidden though really obvious only it happens that if one is not told to look in a particular direction or to enter a certain church he just walks by and miss really spectacular sites. Naturally during this tour we will not ignore whatever is not designed or sculpted in Baroque style, we will point out and comment all the sites we pass by and in other cases visit them. For example when we take you to the church of St. Maria della Pace we will not refuse to enter it because only the facade is Baroque styled and the interior isn’t, and neither we will deny access to the adjacent cloister by Bramante just because it’s Renaissance styled! At the end of the tour you can get dropped off anywhere you like, in the city or at the Vatican, to continue touring on your own.

The places mentioned in the book are: the Pantheon, Piazza del Popolo and Santa Maria del Popolo; Santa Maria della Vittoria, St. Peter’s Square, Tiber River near Tiber Island (which is really called the island of St. Bartholomew, but no one seems remember that), Piazza Navona, the “Passetto” and Castel Sant’Angelo. I don’t think we’re leaving something out, or are we? Oh yes! The Tomb of Peter, the Sistine Chapel and the Pope’s Private Residence. Well, Frank doesn’t allow us to bring visitors to his residence any more, it must be because he found some chewed gum stuck on his chair… Then the Vatican Museums – Sistine Chapel – St. Peter’s but these need to be done as a separate tour, it takes four hours to see these places. We start from Piazza del Popolo and Santa Maria del Popolo church which is where the Chigi Chapel, the one with the “pyramids”, is located. Then we drive to Castel Sant’Angelo, but we’ll not enter it because it takes two hours to visit it. We’ll also see the “Passetto”, the suspended walkway that connects the castle with the Papal Residence. Possibly, we drive to St. Peter’s Square to see the “west- ponente” marble mark on the ground. We follow the Tiber River to Tiber Island, we’ll stop to take a look and eventually walk on it. Crossing the river again we arrive to Piazza Navona and next to the Pantheon. Finally we’ll visit Santa Maria della Vittoria and see the “Ecstasy of St. Therese”. The sites will not necessarily come in this order, we’ll start or end from the one that will be the closest to your hotel. Anyway, as we drive from one of these places to the next we’ll be passing a lot of other interesting places which will be pointed out to you and, time permitting, we’ll stop to take a closer look and a picture. Finally, everybody loves Italian ice cream and we promise to find the time for you to have a fantastic one!
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Day Tour

6 hours

The Roman poet Horace used to say “in medio stat virtus” virtue stands in the middle so, if the half day, four-hour tour, is not enough to see all the sites you want to see and you think a full eight-hour day could be too much, the six-hour tour is be the best solution. In six hours you can see all of Rome major attractions in the city and stretch the tour to include the Old Appian Way and the Catacombs, for example. Or else just spend this time in the city and see more of the tucked away sites besides the most famous ones. The 6-hour tour is ideal in the winter months, during which starting to tour early in the morning might not be a good idea because of the rigid temperature and nightfall comes early. During the winter we like to start our tours around 10:00 am and finish around 4:00 pm so to take advantage of the warmest hours of the day. During the 6-hour tour we also make a stop to get a quick, but genuine, bite to eat. We can stop at some nice, traditional, place on the Old Appian Way if we include the Catacombs in our tour, or at some authentic place in the city. How about “pasta to go”? we have a place in the city, on one of its most beautiful streets, where a young lady has a tiny little place where she makes fresh pasta and cook it right away for you. It’s the best quick lunch you can get in Rome these days! Do you prefer to have some pizza instead? No problem, we know all the right places! The 6-hour tour is also recommended for cruisers who’s time constraints are pretty serious, their commute from the port takes quite some time and therefore this tour is ideal for them.

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Full day Tour

7 hours

The major highlights of the city in one day. Essentially, you can combine two of the half-day tour mentioned above and make them into a full day. Your half-day golf cart tour can also be combined with a walking tour of the Vatican or Colosseum and Forum. Since we’ll not need to spend part of the tour’s time to drive you back to your hotel, that time can be used to see more sites or enjoy a nice dish of “pasta” in an authentic restaurant. How does that sound? To those in Rome for the first time, we suggest the “basic Rome” tour, covering the Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, Piazza Navona combined with the “tour of the ruins” which covers Colosseum (outside), Baths of Caracalla, Old Appian Way, Catacombs, Circus Maximus, Theatre of Marcellus, Aventine hill and the famous “key-hole”. However, please remember that we do not have preset itineraries, so the sites listed here can be replaced by others of your choice. These are the main attractions that you will be visiting but we’ll drive by many other attractive locations which will all be pointed out to you and, time permitting, we’ll stop for a picture and a closer look. You’ll also see some of the tucked away sites because, even when the tour is centered on the fundamental sites, by avoiding the main streets, we end up showing a lot of things off the beaten track since that’s where we drive!

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Rome's enchanting atmosphere by night

Rome by night

2 hours

Let us take you out tonight! Rome is spectacular at night, sites like the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain and St. Peter’s Basilica are even more incredible at night than during the day. Just imagine climbing the Capitol hill and seeing Michelangelo’s designed square in a sort of mystical atmosphere and seeing the panorama of the Roman Forum from the top of the hill. If you are lucky enough to stay in a hotel right in the city center, then you may enjoy strolling the squares and streets and enjoy the unique, ephemeral atmosphere Rome slips into at dusk, but if you want more than that, if you want to extend your range and see the sites than aren’t within a walking distance from your hotel, then you need to experience the tour of Rome by night in the golf buggy. Especially if you’re not staying in a downtown hotel! You’ll be met at your hotel or at the restaurant where you’ll decide to have dinner at and you’ll be driven around the city for three hours to see all the incredible attractions of Rome all lit up. You’ll be driving the narrow streets and evocative squares and enjoy the fresh air and the shows of the street artists. The sites that look best at night are: St. Peter’s, Piazza Navona, Colosseum, Pantheon, Piazza Venezia, Pincio, Janicolum, Capitol Hill, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps. But it will be the atmosphere that you’ll love. We can meet at your hotel and drop you off at a restaurant after the tour, or we’ll meet at the restaurant after you’ll have your dinner, depending on the time of the year. During the summer months it doesn’t get dark until 8/9:00 pm, but in the winter months it gets dark as early as 5:00 pm!
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Golf Cart
The “deluxe” cart, 4 seats all facing forward!
Accommodates 3 + driver and has a large cargo box which can be closed with a lid so you can keep gear in it or the lid can be removed to accommodate the wheelchair or walker for a handicapped passenger.

About the carts:

The standard golf cart accommodates up to 3 passengers plus driver, total 4. The “deluxe” cart accommodates up to 3 passengers plus driver, total 4, but they all face forward and there’s also a cargo box which we can leave open and we can carry a wheel chair in it, or we can close it and you can leave you shopping bags in it while you go walking around. For 7 passengers, we use the “stretched” golf cart. For larger groups we need to use more than one golf cart. The group members can drive the additional golf carts themselves if they like, or we can provide drivers.

If you decide for driving the additional cart yourself instead of hiring a driver, the leading cart’s driver will always make sure you don’t get left behind and will give you all the necessary assistance.

When driving in a motorcade, in order to stay in touch and get the commentary and instructions, passengers and drivers will be supplied with earpieces by which they will be continually in touch with the driver of the leading cart who’ll speak to them through a microphone.

You’ll be picked up from your hotel and the tour will start from there. But if your hotel is not located in the city center, meaning inside Rome’s Walls, you’ll need to come to meet us in the city by your own means. The average range a golf cart drives, with fully charged batteries, is 80 kilometers (50 miles) enough for a full day tour of Rome, but not to come and meet you at your hotel if it’s not in the city.

Generally the hotels located outside Rome’s historical center provide shuttle service driving their guests to the city center on a regular schedule, if this is your case we’ll come to meet you where the hotel’s shuttle drops you off. Differently we will have to discuss where the most convenient place to meet would be.

Though our carts don’t come with air conditioning and Rome is hot in the summer, it is not uncomfortable to drive around Rome even when it’s hot. There’s always a nice breeze in Rome which makes driving in a golf cart pleasant plus we mostly drive through the narrow shady streets of old Rome that are always quite cool. Even a nice air conditioned Mercedes can be unpleasant to drive after it’s been parked in the sun for half an hour!

Our electric golf carts are street legal and they are come with:

  • Insurance
  • License plate
  • Lights, front and rear
  • Safety belts
  • Horn
  • Canopy

Pricing Chart

The following prices are valid until March 31st 2019.
Prices valid from March 31st 2019 to March 31st 2020, click here.

1/3 People  270€
4 people 340€
5/7 people 390€
From 8 pax onward 55€ (per person)
1/3 People  390€
4 people 470€
5/7 people 520€
From 8 pax onward 80€ (per person)
1/3 People  450€
4 people 520€
5/7 people 590€
From 8 pax onward 90€ (per person)
1/3 People  180€
4 people 230€
5/7 people 260€
From 8 pax onward 40€ (per person)
1/3 People  450€ (excluding tickets “Skip the line”)
4 people 520€
5/7 people 590€
From 8 pax onward 90€ (per person)

Vatican Tickets Prices: 

Skip the line admission p.p. 35€
Reduced admission, under 18 y. o.25€
Children under 6 y.o.Free
Supplement for ear buds for group with more than 5 people.5€ (per person)

Colosseum Tickets Prices:

Skip the line admission p.p. 25€
Reduced admission, under 18 y. o.5€
Children under 6 y.o.Free

Parties with more than 3 participants will be accommodated in two carts or in the stretched “limo” golf cart, depending on its availability. We cannot say until the very last minute if we’ll use the stretched or two carts, but the price will be the same in any case. For larger parties we will supply headsets for the passengers and a microphone for the driver-guide in the leading cart, so you’ll not miss the commentary.

NOTE:  for larger groups, please request quotation

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“My wife found this tour on-line and although I was originally hesitant I have to admit that this was our best tour ever of Rome and possibly anywhere in the world. We had a personable and extremely knowledgeable tour guide who was able to customize our visit to our tastes and take us everywhere.”
Fort Lauderdale
“OMG this is the best way to see Rome, I've been before and seen most things, but never like this. Our guide, Joe, was very knowledgeable, humourous and kind. Took us to see amazing views, dropped us off at fantastic restaurants and took us to see everything. So good we booked another tour and if I visit again, will definately use this company. ”
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